Although we have been immigration consultants since the past 17 years, our business adopted a more professional approach in the last 9 years, evolving into a formal immigration service authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, UK (OISC).


Whilst initially providing consultancy and immigration services for only the hotel, restaurant and education sectors the Company has subsequently also been involved with assisting other industries/professions such as Leisure, Nursing, IT, Medicine, Beauty therapy and Engineering.


We now arrange a complete range of visas for UK. Given below is a rough idea of the documentary evidence we would require from you in order to represent you. Although the list may not be complete the documents would definitely include the following:


Students – You need to show an unconditional offer and CAS (Certificate of Acceptance) from the university/college as proof of admission to the course of study, evidence that you have paid your tuition fees for the year, your/parent’s/guardian’s/sponsor’s bank statements for the last 2 months, and a letter from your parent/guardian confirming their relationship to you (backed up by evidence of the relationship, such as your birth certificate or adoption certificate) and a brief statement of your/their assets to show that you/they have enough money to pay for the tuition fees plus living expenses for the whole course and travel costs; mark sheets of school exams and/or graduate/other studies that you have completed so far, IELTS (Level 6.5) or other approved certificate of knowledge of English language, or if you have less than Level 5.5 then evidence of enrolment for a pre-sessional course in English language, to be followed by your degree course. All should be original documents.


Workers – You need to show an offer letter/contract of employment and Certificate of Sponsorship from the employer in UK, your past employment, training and educational qualification certificates, IELTS or other approved English language certificate, and evidence of enough funds (current requirement is £900/-) to support yourself for the first one month until you get your first salary.


Business People - documents to show what business you intend to do and with whom/which company, a letter from your own company, evidence of funds available for your travel and stay, evidence of your travel and hotel booking, evidence to show that you are actually suitable/qualified to do this business


Workers’ families - evidence to show the worker’s residential status/how long they have permission to stay in UK, in what category, evidence of their income, their state of finances, their accommodation, evidence of the fact that you are truly their dependent (proof of relationship, money transfers from UK to you, evidence of continuous contact with you during their tenure in UK, joint account passbook if available, property/assets in joint names, etc).


Spouses/Partners – As above


Tourists - documents to prove you have enough money to travel, stay and maintain yourself in UK for the time you want to be there and that you have a reason to return – that you do not intend to remain there after the 6-month visa duration


Highly Skilled / Qualified Migrants - evidence to show that you are highly qualified and that you have a legitimate plan to do something concrete and earn a substantial living in UK, and you have the necessary funds to maintain and accommodate yourself until you start earning a living in UK


Investors - evidence to show that you have the required amount of liquid funds for the purpose or business in which you are investing along with a professionally prepared business plan. The required amount of funds may vary/increase from time to time so you will need to check at the time of applying.


Intra-company transfers - evidence to show the existence of the company/business and it's history, number of staff employed, tax returns, ownership of business premises/assets, evidence of activity and need to transfer the concerned staff to UK


WITH ALL APPLICATIONS you will need to submit 2 new passport size (W:35mm, H:45mm) photographs on a white/pale background with your face looking straight and showing clearly (no hair/veil/fabric falling over face, no dark glasses or spectacles with dark lenses).


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